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National Forum Workshop 2019


The National Forum will be held in GADIGAL LAND (Sydney) on the 12th – 14th November 2019
Each year at the National Forum sex workers contribute workshops to our program. These workshops are always listed as a highlight by attendees. The direct peer to peer sharing of our knowledge, experience and skills is the foundation of our sex worker community, and what makes National Forum such a great event.

If you (or you and someone else) are interested in presenting or facilitating a workshop, please email your brief outline of your ideas to by COB 25th July 2019.

We welcome workshops from any sex workers attending the event. If you would like to run a workshop with another sex worker or if you would like to talk through your ideas, we welcome you to post your ideas on the Scarlet e-list for discussion and feedback, or to gauge interest in a topic.

We especially encourage sex workers of colour, including culturally and linguistically diverse sex workers and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander sex workers, to submit workshop outlines. If English is not your first language, we can connect you with other workers if you would like support in putting together your workshop.

We would love to see a range of different formats and styles being presented to keep the space engaging and dynamic for our sex worker community.
They can take many forms, including: Presentations, Discussions, Skillshares, Activities, A Display or Art Project
As always, we will consider ALL workshops, the below are simply suggestions, guides or prompts to get you brainstorming!


-Screening and your safety

-All things anal eg stretching, fisting, douching, pegging, tools, tips and tricks

-Tantra and erotic massage

-How toys can do the work for you

-Porn/cam work

-Marketing strategies

-Street based sex work

-Working outdoors


-Post FOSTA/SESTA how to guide

-What does full decriminalisation mean for us as a movement

-Bullying in the industry-what, why and how to respond

-Sex worker advocacy / activism skills

Activities and Art Projects

-Art display

-Whores bath

-Sex worker self defence

-Stretches designed to maintain sex worker bodies


-STI prevention toolbox

-Tax tips and hints

-Making a sex work specific business plan

-How to successfully suppress your name across various platforms

-The economy overview and how it could affect your work

Based on feedback from previous years we suggest that your workshop submission includes an outline of:

  1. What will your workshop offer the sex worker community and Forum attendees?
  2. What are your objectives in presenting the workshop?

Please keep the outline to a maximum of 200 words.

If relevant, please indicate associations you have with any group, organisation, business or research project connected to your proposal.

Please note: Scarlet Alliance National Forum is a sex worker only space and excludes owners/operators. To submit a workshop outline (and to attend the forum) you must be a sex worker (past or present) and not an owner/operator of a sex industry business

PDF version can be found here National Forum Workshop 2019