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This page is archived material about events that happened between July 2008 and June 2009

Public Meeting for Sex Workers and Supporters

20th August 2009, Hobart, Tasmania

Scarlet Alliance has been lobbying for over a decade for stable funding for a Tasmanian sex worker organiation. This public meeting will explore the recent developments towards this end, and discuss contemporary law reform issues in Tasmania. All sex workers and supporters welcome to attend, call (03) 6234 1242 for more information.


- Send your photo contribution to by May 30, 2009


This photographic project will document transgender sexworkers who work presenting as the gender they were assigned at birth and no longer identify with.

I will be applying to exhibit the series at different events in Australia, mostly at queer and sex worker arts events and also online. Since the photos will be released publicly, contributors will have to be comfortable with disclosure to some extent.

However, I will not use your legal name and I’m open to negotiating measures to protect your identity if you would like to contribute but have privacy concerns.

To participate, you will have to consider the implications of the associations of your image and the content.

I am a transgender hustler who works as a lady babe. Primarily, this pays the bills. It also has been both affirming and dysphoria exacerbating, a result of limited financially viable representation options, the safest option, performative and an opportunity to max out lessons in the behavioral codes of feminine wiles. It’s creating a stronger affiliation with femmes and my class background. I feel moments of concern for my safety if a client recognises my face on the street and feels betrayed, and moments of satisfying queer subversion when being told, “You’re the hottest chick I’ve ever seen”, accompanied with a wad of cash.

I’m interested in documenting the process of embodying the rentboy/stripper minx/mistress/etc within, the transformation, the relationship that incurs with our bodies, the culture of trans people sexworking to pay for their medical transition, the connections between transgender identity and class, sex work and class. I am really happy to have any discussions about representation.

The requirements:

  • Email self portrait photographs (taken by you, either by holding the camera or with a self timer) taken while you’re in your ho persona, preferably at work but about to head to work is fine too. Around 5 photos would be great.
  • Do not change the resolution settings on the photos
  • Working photographs taken in the past are fine if you are not currently working

Give me the following info in the body of the email:

  • your working name (this can be the one you use or one made up for the project),
  • your contact info
  • the text “I consent to the use and publication by Warren Gracie of the attached photographs of me”. Include any conditions you have (eg. No online publishing)
  • A short blurb on who you are/your experiences or thoughts on working as the gender you were assigned at birth/why you wanted to participate (this part is optional)

The deadline is May 30 2009.

This project is inclusive of pre, post and non medical transition transgender people, including but not limited to female-to-male, male-to-female and genderqueer transgender people. If you identify as trans, you are welcome to participate.

The term "sex-worker" is an umbrella term, including but not limited to dance, full-service, porn, domination, submission, fetish, gf/bf experience and peepshow workers.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

A Month Of Events for International Whores Day 2009

International Whores Day, held on the third of June to commemorate a 1975 sit-in by French sex workers to protest discrimination, is fast approaching. Previous years (2007, 2008) have seen the event marked with red umbrella protest marches, performance nights, social events, public forums and more.

Sydney Red Umbrella March, Sydney Opera House & Harbour, 2007

If you or your organisation would like to host or co-ordinate an event, contact Scarlet Alliance on info@ Keep an eye on this page for updates. Please be aware that some events may be sex worker only.

Melbourne Events May/June 2009

International Whores Day St Kilda Dinner
Monday 1st June, 5 - 7pm 10 Inkerman Street, St Kilda.
Free entry, Sex Workers Only.
Organised by RhED For catering purposes please RSVP by Monday May 25, phone 1800 458 752 or email sexworker@

Adelaide Events May/June 2009

International Whores Day Red Umbrella March
Thursday June 5, 3.30pm - 5pm drinks and dress-ups.
5pm onwards Red Umbrella March, followed by private social event. Organised by SIN. Contact SIN for the location on 08 8334166. This event will draw attention to the stigma, discrimination and criminalisation of SA sex workers. Sex workers, our friends, families, other sex industry staff, and all of those who support us are welcome to attend. Bring your Red Umbrella! Link to media release. Link to media from the event

Canberra Events May/June 2009

International Whores Day Dinner
Tuesday June 2, 7.30pm at Dickson.
Sex Workers Only.

Sydney Events May/June 2009

Mixed Business - Sex Workers and Lesbians Come Together
Thursday May 7, 7pm - 11pm
Red Rattler, 6 Favesham Street, Marrickville
$15 ($10 concession)
All welcome. Stalls, merchandise, DJs, Juliet November, KK No Pants, Lusty Day, Vashti Hughes, Ginger Schnapps, norrie mAy-welby, Christa Hughes, Mighty Hermaphrodite and Stranger Danger performing for your pleasure!

Media Training for Sex Workers
Friday May 15, 10am - 12.30
Albion Street Centre 345-349 Crown Street, Surry Hills, $10 ($5 concession) Sex Workers Only

Film Fundraiser for Women's Network for Unity (Cambodia)
Thursday May 21. Doors open 6.30, Panel 7pm, Film 7.30pm
Red Rattler 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville
$15 ($10 concession). All welcome
Film about the Cambodian sex worker group and their fight against drug trials in their community, and panel of local sex workers reflecting on the representation of sex workers in film. Film produced by ArtRestistance

International Whores Day Sydney Red Umbrella March

Tuesday June 2, meeting at 12.30 lunchtime Parliament House, New South Wales All welcome, bring a red umbrella. Link for video footage on LiveNews

Blow His Mind — Tips from a Professional Sex Worker

Thursday February 12, 7-9:30 pm

Sex workers are experts in the bedroom--it's our job! Just in time for Valentine's day, join sex worker Camellia Crown to find out how to give him a night he'll never forget. With a focus on fun, this interactive women-only workshop will cover dozens of tips and tricks on giving great head, deep throating, manual techniques, how to put a condom on with your mouth, toys, safety, secret erogenous zones and the five things men wish you knew about their bodies and pleasure. Bring a friend and have a fun night learning ways to surprise your partner and gain new confidence in your sexual skills!

  • Cost: $38.50/person. $27.50 concession.
  • Venue: Albion Street Centre, Meeting Room, 349 Crown Street, Surry Hills.
  • This workshop is trans-friendly. Trans-identified women are welcome.
  • Note: The workshop is not open to people under 18 years old.

PLEASE NOTE: RSVP and pre-payment by February 9 is required to secure your spot. RSVP including contact details to admin or call 9326 9455 and make payment before February 9 by electronic funds transfer or deposit to: bsb: 305 122 account: 013 1249
Please add your name to identify your deposit.

Events held during December

13th December

Protest Internet Censorship

11am, Sydney Town Hall. Government plans to censor the internet have drawn anger from civil liberties groups, GetUp, Eros Foundation, The Australian Sex Party... we want to add sex workers to that group! Join us for this national day of action!!

16th December

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers - Evening Event

17th December

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers - Brunch

Sex workers in Sydney are invited to break down myths and sterotypes with journalists and supporters - a brunch at the apex of Oxford, Riley and Burton Streets in Darlinghurst, followed by a red umbrella walk through the old haunts of sex work in the area. 11am. For more information download the flyer.

Speakeasy - Prohibition and Human Vices, 6th December 2008

Balmain, Sydney. The panel included Elena Jeffreys from Scarlet Alliance, Dr Ingrid Van Beek of the Medically Supervised Injecting Center, Dee Madigan of the Gruen Transfer and David Leyonhjelm speaking on Gun Control. Link to their Supper Club Blog for all the speeches and pictures:

National Council of Jewish Women Australia- Trafficking Seminar, 8th December

Speakers included Elena Jeffreys from Scarlet Alliance, Jennifer Burns from the Anti-Slavery Project and Karen Seymor from the Salvation Army. Link to NCJWA website.

National Forum, 26,27 and 28 November 2008

Link to check out the promotions prior to this event. Held in Brisbane 2008, in conjunction with a Touching Base training, and the 4th annual National Symposium on sex worker issues. The premier sex worker only event in Australia. It will be held in Canberra in 2009 - see you there!

National Symposium, 27 November 2008

Link to check out the promotions prior to this event. This is the fourth year that Scarlet Alliance has run a national symposium on sex work, and all have been well attended by practitioners, sex workers and supporters. Full webcast is to be released soon.

"HIV education and transsexuals in Canada and Québec" Viviane Namaste Oct 20 2008, Sydney

This event was free and open to all interested people. Check out photos from the event.

Reclaim the Night - Canberra City, Annual Rally Against Sexual Violence, 31 October

SWOP ACT marched at this rally.

"Money Up Front" Tasmanian Sex Worker Lobbying Event, 22 August 2008

Link to more information.

Scarlet Alliance Presented in Mexico City, August 2008

"No To The Pope" Protests, July, Sydney 2008

Link to check out the photos.