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Bali 2009 ICAAP

Sex workers from around the world gather at International Congress on HIV/AIDS in the Asia Pacific,, August, 2009, Bali, Indonesia

Sex Workers Demand Rights, More Accessibility, More Languages at ICAAP

80 Sex Workers from fourteen Asia Pacific countries attended the ICAAP Conference in Bali - this photo is from the pre-conference sex worker meeting facilitated by APNSW & Scarlet Alliance

  • We the sex workers of ICAAP 2009 demand the inclusion of multiple languages at ICAAP 2011. Kami para pekerja seks yang tergabung dalam forum pekerja seks ICAAP 2009 meminta adaya kesimpulan yang dibuat dalam berbagai bahasa ICAAP menghabiskan sumber daya dengan percuma dengan menghadirkan banyak orang namun hanya mendengarkan dari peserta yang hanya berbicara bahasa inggris. Link for more...
  • Sex Work is Work, we demand our work be recognized by Government and all groups in society, including religious institutions. Decriminalise sex work and recognise ALL sex workers; male, transgender and female. Criminal laws lead to abuse by police, army and Government officials, and reduces access to HIV support, sexual health and human rights. Remove non-labor officials as regulators of our work. USAID funding policy must include the specific needs of male and transgender sex workers. Link for full text..