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Scarlet Alliance pays respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island elders and custodians of this land, current, past and future.

AIDS 2014 is being held in Melbourne in July, 2014. Scarlet Alliance, along with APNSW, NSWP and sex workers and sex worker groups from around the world will contribute to this important advocacy, representation and visibility opportunity as well as the sex worker meetings before the Conference.

The AIDS2014 conference will be an action packed 6 days with an opening ceremony on the evening of the 20th July followed by 5 days (and evenings) of events. There are also important sex worker events both before and after the main conference.



18 July19 July20 July21 July22 July23 July24 July25 July
Sex Worker
Day 1
Sex Worker
Day 2
& Opening
Sex Worker Only
Sex Worker Only

Allies invited
to join us
Satellite Session
Stepping up to advance issues globally for sex workers and HIV
Sex Worker
Sex Worker
Sex Worker
Sex Worker
Sex Worker
Global Village: FREE & NO REGISTRATION required for entry.
Sex Worker Networking Zone will include a full program of events.
3PM - 6PM Governance training by Scarlet Alliance and SWASH (Venue: Sex Worker Networking Zone in the Global Village)6:30-8pm
SWASH (Japan)
& Scarlet Alliance
Peer Educator

Room: Clarendon
Sex Worker Networking Zone program including Wednesday afternoon Andrew Hunter memorial session

Sex worker pre-conference - 18th & 19th July, 2014

DOWNLOAD THE CONSENSUS STATEMENT - The outcome of the sex worker pre-conference meeting attended by sex workers from more than 30 countries.

A two day pre-conference meeting includes orientation of sex workers to the programs, themes and goals of the conference in order to facilitate meaningful engagement and greater sex worker input to the conference. Sex workers will come together to discuss, respond to and achieve a sex worker community analysis on core issues that can be progressed through both advocacy in the conference area, the networking zone, media and meetings surrounding the event and as part of future opportunities beyond the conference.
Included will be a session to ascertain global priorities for focus at the pre-conference. There will be interactive skills building sessions, small group workshops exploring key themes and priorities for sex workers as well as local, regional and international presentations on critical components of the HIV and sex work response, new evidence and emerging themes.
This event is free for sex workers.
For one session at the end of the second day 3pm-6pm we will invite allies to join us to prepare for the main conference.

AIDS2014 Conference 21-25 July, 2014 (Registration Badge Required)

Scarlet Alliance, APNSW & NSWP have prepared our recommended program of sessions within the main conference, download here

There are 18 plenary speakers in total, including one sex worker - Daisy from WONETHA, Uganda will be speaking on Sex Work, Human Rights and Access to HIV Testing and Treatment.

Sex worker satellite session - Stepping Up To Advance Issues Globally for Sex Workers and HIV Room 102, Sunday 2o July 2014 – 11.15-1.15
Download the invite

Local, regional and international sex worker leaders and experts will engage in dialogue on key HIV issues for sex workers including: social and structural barriers, access to treatment, prevention strategies, vaccines, human rights, criminalisation, migration and global economics. The session will consider the latest bio-medical and social science developments, community programs and interventions, reflect on lessons learnt, and discuss global priorities in advancing responses to HIV for sex workers.Protocols established in partnership with active community input and increased collaboration across the full range of prevention strategies will deliver maximum impact on the epidemic. Scene setting presentations will include the spectrum of community led behavioural, political and structural approaches to HIV prevention, treatment and support, highlighting areas where reform is necessary. This dialogue will support action on ambitious but achievable global targets for high impact prevention, treatment and care, models and programs.

NEW Scientific Development Workshop - Feasibility of Reducing HIV Risk and Vulnerability for Sex Workers and Clients through Occupational Health and Safety Standards Room 111 - 112 Time: Wednesday 23 July 2014 – 11:00-12:30

Session description: Sex work is work and women, men and transgender sex workers are entitled to the protection of their labour rights in the same manner as any other worker. These include the right to a safe and healthy workplace; prevention and elimination of sexual harassment and gender-based violence; the right to unionize and the right to access social protection schemes. Sex workers face a range of occupational hazards including HIV and other STIs, excessive noise, insecure workplace amenities, lack of personal safety equipment and welfare facilities, excessive shifts and night work, and the presence of customers and co-workers affected by alcohol and other drugs. This workshop will showcase approaches to occupational health and safety for sex workers, in a range of legal and public health policy environments. It specifically aims to: build knowledge; outline methodologies; identify core components of success and overcoming barriers; and, sharing mechanisms for strengthening capacity.

In the Global Village 21-25 July, 2014 (No Registration Required - Free entry)

Sex Worker Networking Zone

Scarlet Alliance, APNSW & NSWP are hosting the Sex Worker Networking Zone. The space will host a program of events, creating a space for sex workers to present, discuss and advocate on our issues. It will be a hub of sex worker activities and we hope to see you there.
Activities & Presentations in the Sex Worker Networking Zone include:
  • NZPC panel and film screening on decriminalisation
  • Discussion and Screening of a Kiss for Gabriela
  • Presentation by $carlet Timor
  • Incredible Edible performance
  • Rose Alliance presentation on the experience of Sweden's laws
  • Migration and mobility panel by Scarlet Alliance migration project
  • NSWP launch of the Global Consultation on PrEP Report
  • Empower on Sex Worker Asean Project
  • Trans sex worker panel discussion
  • APNSW - Artwork display
  • Panel on the impact of different legal frameworks on sex workers
  • Direct action as a sex worker organisation tool workshop
  • African dance performance
  • Andrew Hunter memorial and film
  • APNSW on Violence against sex workers
  • Japan - presentation on HIV/AIDS Issues for Transgender people and sex workers
Plus sex worker artworks on display and a ROAMING PERFORMANCE by the Empower mobile testing unit.

AND A SPECIAL SUNDAY SESSION Sex worker Organisations Governance Training Time: Sunday 20 July 2014 – 15:00-18:00 SWASH and Scarlet Alliance will host a governance skill share session for sex worker community attendees.

No registration is required to attend the free events in the Global Village, including the sex worker networking zone.

Other Events in the Global Village
In addition to the Sex Worker Networking Zone there will be some sex work content in other parts of the Global Village. For example:

  • Not Your Rescue Project mini-film festival
  • Debby Doesn't Do It For Free booth
  • US Sex Workers United booth
  • Sex Worker Rights Scavenger Hunt
  • History of sex worker rights performance on the main stage

During the conference sex workers will also hold a media conference.

Updated 20 July 2014