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Backflip On Sex Industry Laws Could Increases Health Risks: TasCARHD 17/10/05

The backfllip on Sex Industry legislation is likely to reduce the capacity of community based organisations to provide support and information to Tasmanian sex workers who may be at risk.

Kevin Marriott, Chief Executuve Officer of the Tasmanian Council on AIDS, Hepatitis and Related Diseases has said "The proposed blanket banning of brothels will reduce our capacity to effectively work with sex workers and punters in relation to safe sex and injecting drug use. At present we are contacted by brothels to provide education about HIV and Hep C to workers. Under the proposed law this would be much less likely and we could not guarantee the safety of our own workers in those environments."

The previous draft proposed regulation of the sex industry that supported the provision of support and education to sex workers. It reinforced the safe sex message and tighter regulation of working conditions . Kevin said, "While the revision of the laws is needed the previous draft demonstrated a much more effective way of dealing with the issues. This latest backflip reeks of moral judgements which can only lead to increased risks for sex workers. All it will do is force brothels further underground making everyone's job a lot harder."

"Our job is to reduce the trasmission of HIV and Hepatitis C and promote harm reduction in relation to injecting drug use. The proposed laws will make an already difficult job even more difficult. Our ability to reach that part of the community will be decreased possibly resulting in increased unsafe practices."

We need to look at the big picture and consider the long term consequences. Sweeping brothels under the carpet through the proposed bans is not a solution. A proactive approach that actually addresses the issues of those working in and accessing brothels is needed.

Name: Kevin Marriott Position: Chief Executive Officer phone nos. (03) 6234 1242 or 0439 877 646 email address:

updated 20th October 2005