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Media Releases

The latest media releases, sorted in reverse chronological order.

Forum on Sex Industry March 2000

Sex workers from across Australia will descend on Adelaide today for a 2 day forum on law reform in the sex industry. Scarlet Alliance will release it’s model principles for reform at the forum. It will be launched by Democrats MP Sandra Kanck.

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Sex, Lies and Red Tape 23 Nov. 1999

Let’s take a journey with Joe Blow, a man with a hectic interstate itinerary, a strong sex drive – and a headache. Navigating his way safely through Australia’s prostitution laws is making him dizzy.

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Trick Question 19 June 1999

“Prostitution laws are set to change; another reform, another dispute.” Both Linda Banach (Sex Law Reform Coalition) and Sue Metzenrath (Scarlet Alliance) speak against the proposed reforms due to the licensing models resulting in the industry being pushed underground. The leaked proposal is supported by Leisha Host, co-ordinator of SQWISI, “We also support location limits based on local planning considerations..”

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Sex Workers Seek Reform 9 April 1998

Scarlet Alliance fears the already high level of violence against prostitutes in Queensland will increase if the State Government does not soon reform prostitution laws. Sue Metzenrath said yesterday that prostitutes in Queensland were already subject to the highest levels of violence in the country.

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Sex-Worker Still Fighting For Rights 5 April 1997

The former stripper and prostitute sacked from the NSW Police Service is unlikely to get her job back, despite a ruling by the Industrial Commission that she was unfairly dismissed. Scarlet Alliance yesterday welcomed the Commission’s decision.

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