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U. S. N. Q. inc. (United Sex Workers North Queensland Incorporated)

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Download the PDF of "Hookers Herald" - USNQ Newsletter, October 2008

Who are we?

We are a concerned group of Sex Workers – past and present, organized and opportunistic who want to do what we can so that we all have a safe Future. At this stage we are all volunteers, the organization has no premises or funding but we have lots of dreams, determination and hopes, but we need more support. Some of us are ex SQWISI and so if you have ever visited the old SQWISI office in Townsville you will know a member already. We have even kept the old SQWISI phone number to make it easier. At this stage we are able to say that we are an incorporated organisation in our own right which means that we can apply for funding and control it ourselves.

What are we trying to do? – We are trying to fill the gap left by SQWISI and provide you with support, information, workshops, [if you need them], affordable supplies and an ear to bash if that’s what’s needed!. At the same time we are trying to get funding from anywhere so that we can provide the type of service we feel this industry deserves, and hopefully service the best part of Queensland, North Queensland. As you can imagine this is a very big goal but with your support and some funding from Government Departments, it is do-able!

What can you do? – Well, you can join USNQ! Become a member – we already have some in Cairns, Mackay and Townsville. Give us your support; perhaps volunteer some of your time or attend meetings if you are in the area. Give us your ideas – they just might work and we are open to all and any suggestions. We really do need you! which is why we settled for the name ‘United Sex-workers Nth, Qld.’



Our Chairperson

Hello to you all, just a short intro; My name is Elly and I have been in this industry for approximately a decade now. I’ve been involved in almost every legal aspect of our work as one would imagine with that amount of time. I met Jenny and Jackie about that time as well. (The dynamic duo as I have and do call them). I also volunteered with Jackie at SQWISIS and set precedence for Sex Workers to access the Anti Discrimination Commission, Qld in regards to discrimination by a bank because of my lawful sexual activities, operating my sole trading business.

I semi retired when SQWISI closed for personal reasons, but I did feel that without a Sex Worker Organisation that I as well as everyone else would be a SITTING DUCK!

A little more than twelve months ago, Jenny and Jackie asked if I would be Chairperson. We met week after week, just the three of US in NQ discussing possibilities of how to go about creating a sex worker service. My, but how far we have come from three friends meeting around the kitchen table to an ever growing group of really very talented people!

However we do need more input from the industry itself; which is YOU!

We all have different talents and an appropriate motto for us is ‘Never sell yourself short’. You are more than you know. This is your chance to have a voice! Your chance to make a difference!

Hope to hear from you soon, Elly.

Jackie, the woman who answers the phone

My name is Jackie and I have been associated with the sex industry and with the previous organization – SQWISI for many years now so if you have visited the old ‘SQWISI’ Townsville office – we have probably met. [I was the Peer Health Educator for a few years there]

When SQWISI closed it was as if we had taken a huge leap backwards, and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the people who had worked so hard to get that organisation to where it was and how sad it would be to lose all of that knowledge and support. I also recognized that the people in our industry deserved to be supported and provided with every opportunity to work safely, legally and to be kept informed of any changes in the laws etc. which could affect our wellbeing.

New workers entering the industry need to be supported and educated in all aspects of the industry and advised on how to work safely, how to deal with difficult clients and everything else that ensures their health and safety.

My role in this organisation at present is that of Secretary amongst other things – eg providing supplies at affordable prices, general information, the state of the Laws, how to advertise legally etc.

No one in the organisation is being paid – we are all volunteers and work from our homes or anyone else’s who might offer theirs e.g. we meet on the 3rd. Sunday of the month at a member’s home who is willing to have us.

So now that you know a bit about me and ‘US’ – why don’t you join us and have some input into your brand-new organisation? We would really welcome your suggestions and support.

Should you need any other information or assistance please ring me on 47 244 853.

[Yep. It’s the old SQWISI number in Townsville]

Hope to talk or meet soon, Cheers, Jackie.

Hi to all from Cairns

My name is Liana and I've been involved with USNQ since July. I am passionate about supporting my peers in all working situations, and fighting for our rights in whatever capacity I can. I just want to thank all of the wonderful sex workers who have warmly welcomed my contact with them. They have helped me with their encouragement and most of all by offering an insight into their working lives, so that I may better understand how diverse and amazing this industry can be. As sex workers we meet many interesting people, other workers, clients, and there are also some great people working in the various agencies that provide services to us. We can also face isolation, discrimination, not to mention legal hassles, and having a peer based support organisation is important to help us to stay happy, safe and healthy. New workers to the industry can often be the most vulnerable, remember when you first started? It is exciting to be a part of this new organisation, united together we can have more control over the issues, laws and prejudices that effect our working lives. Please feel free to call me anytime, I am always keen for a chat and your input is very valuable to me.

Liana US NQ Inc Cairns 0413 571 394


The SWAN Report was released on the 14th August 2008 and many Sex Workers from all over the state (yes they even came to Townsville and Cairns) were asked to provide input and were quoted in the report.

If you are interested in knowing what Queensland Health knows, give USNQ a ring or drop us an email and we will forward it out to you. Keep in mind it is over 151 pages and then the attachment from Scarlet Alliance is a further 90 pages so it is a big read. But they did do a quickie version which is only about six pages. USNQ would like to take this opportunity to thank Julie Bates and Rigmor Berg for the respect that they showed our industry through the process of getting this wonderful report written. It presents our industry as it is, diverse and dynamic. Link to the USNQ and Crimson Coalition submission to the review process