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Scarlet Alliance National Forum 2019, Gadigal Land/Sydney

Held over 3 exciting days from the 12th to 14th of November, in Gadigal Land/Sydney, the National Forum packs in:

National Forum (sex worker only - free) Presentations, workshops, discussion, consultation, policy development, sex workers panels, trends/changes/legal conditions across each state and territory, peer education and more. Call outs for workshops now open until COB 25th of July 2019.
For more info visit-

Annual General Meeting (AGM) (Scarlet Alliance delegates and membership). Election of office bearers (executive committee), spokespersons, delegates to represent the organisation, reports from the executive committee, presentation of financial reports. Note all elected positions become vacant. See details below for information on elected positions.

A sex worker only party and Whore Of The Year awards (sex worker only)

On Monday 11th November Scarlet Alliance and SWOPmale will be hosting a Male (trans male inclusive) Free Event. You can register your attendance here:

And so much more...

Keep posted on this page for updates!

Tuesday 12 November
10:00am Registration with morning tea

10:30am Welcome to country
10:50am Housekeeping and Safer Spaces
11:00am Scarlet Alliance overview
11:20am President address
11:30am Governance
12:00pm State and Territory report-backs:
SA, WA, ACT (15 mins each incl. questions)

12:45pm Lunch
Lunchtime life drawing session by Debby Doesn't Do It For Free

1:45pm State and Territory report-backs:
NSW, QLD, VIC, NT, TAS (15 mins each incl. questions)

3:15pm Icebreaker

-Queer 101: a trans & non-binary approach to sex work
-Sex is awkward for everyone: a guide for clients and workers on the autism spectrum

4:30pm Afternoon tea

5:00pm National Group report-backs:
Touching Base
(5 mins each and 5 mins questions)
Spokesperson and Representative report backs
(5 mins each and 5 mins questions)

6:00pm AGM nominations close

Wednesday 13 November
10:00am Annual General Meeting (members only)

11:00am Morning Tea

11:30am AGM Election results (members only)
12:00pm Constitution session

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm PANEL:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sex Workers

-A Workshop on Workshops

4:00pm Afternoon tea

BBV and STI Update

-Sex work is work and all work sucks
-Salty and Sinful burlesque workshop

7:30PM Party and Social Event
Performances and Whore Of The Year award

Thursday 14 November
10:30am Morning tea

11:00am PANEL:
Exploring “Happy Massage” practice: Asian sex worker experience

12:00pm PANEL:
Representative Activism

1:00pm Lunch

-What does the criminalisation of migrant sex workers have to do with decriminalisation?
-ProVision Consultation

Stigma research

3:30pm Afternoon tea

Priority issues– where to from now

4:20pm Evaluation/Wrap up

4:40pm END

Formal Notice of Annual General Meeting

Scarlet Alliance Annual General Meeting to be held on Gadigal Land (Sydney)
10:00am, Wednesday 13 November 2019.
All Members are invited to attend

If you have not received the formal notice in your email and/or you are a new member wishing to attend the National Forum please contact for further information.

Please note: the National Forum is a sex worker only space and excludes owners/operators. The information regarding venue is thus only available to sex workers past and present, who are not owner/operators.

Please Note: Following the constitutional changes made in 2012 it is required that all attendees to the AGM must be current Scarlet Alliance members (either non-voting/free membership or voting/paid membership). Information about joining or renewing your membership can be found at

All current elected positions are vacated at each AGM, we encourage people who are interested in being a representative, spokesperson, executive committee member or double to nominate. See below for position descriptions.