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"Kirk" FiX, 1996

Kirk has been selling sex for sex years. He now works part-time for a selection of clients.

“I started out years and years ago! The opportunity arose, it wasn’t a necessity. A friend was an agent and it was all quite easy. My first client was a vicar. I had to travel out to this church in the middle of nowhere where we had vanilla sex. I was quite anxious.

If you’re going to do this job, you have to save your money. This is a job where you get your gold watch to start with, not as a retirement present! I only work now when I want to do it, I have other interests.

I spent my first three years working for agents. I found a good one and was well looked after, but you have to be aware of what they’re like: agents are only interested in money and I wouldn’t trust half of them!

I used to run an agency myself, but it’s too much hard work. I took 30% and made sure people were well looked after. I don’t accept ripping people off, I’m not into manipulation.

There are certain things I won’t do and I charge a minimum basic of $60 an hour – there’s no maximum. One client took me to Las Vegas and gave me $5,000 but I didn’t ask for it. You do develop an inbuilt intuition for trouble: if you’re with a client you have to be what they want, but you can always say no. I’ve always got business through advertising; not just in gay mags but also in local papers and things like “The Herald Tribune.” Now, I’ve got a good client list and I often refer clients on to agencies.”

This was originally published in 1996 by FiX