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Scarlet Alliance Members

Sex Worker Organisations Scarlet Alliance membership is made up of sex worker organisations projects networks and groups in Australia. To apply the organisation must be endorsed by two existing members. To apply for membership an organisation will complete membership form, fill in a credentialling self assessment tool and undergo an interview with Scarlet Alliance leaders. For more information download the full membership kit pdf or word version.

Associate Member Organisations This category is a paid membership which does not have voting rights. It is suitable for a sex worker organisation which is not completely peer based but committed to sex worker rights.

Individual Sex Workers There are two categories of individual sex worker membership. There is a free non-voting category as well as a voting category. Voting membership costs $110 for three years of membership or $55 for 1 years membership. To find out more go to "Information For Individual Sex Workers Of Scarlet Alliance" This link also includes the online membership form as well as a hard copy form that can be downloaded, filled out and submitted.

Affirmative Action Policy "The Scarlet Alliance will apply an affirmative action policy with regard to sex workers to ensure that representation on Scarlet Alliance boards and committees is made up of current and past sex workers.

Sex Industry business owners and operators, even those that are sex workers, cannot become members."

Updated 03 April 2016