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Scarlet Alliance Strategic Plan Survey

The Scarlet Alliance Strategic Plan ends at the end of 2017 and our membership's input will help to make sure we are on the right track to represent the national interests of our membership – sex workers and sex worker organisations & projects.

What has happened:

The survey has being circulated and the completed responses were collated and analysed.

This next phase is the draft strategic plan that has incorporated the feedback from the survey and is being circulated to our membership for final input.

What is a Strategic Plan?

Strategic Plans can be written in different ways but generally include what the organisation wants to achieve over the life of the plan - its goals, and the strategies it will undertake to achieve the goals. The plan also identifies who the organisation is, who it represents and the key approaches/values that underpin its work.

Why have a Strategic Plan?

A Strategic Plan provides coherence to an organisation's actions and decisions and in this way guides the staff, volunteers and governance (Executive Commitee) of the organisation, making sure the organisation stays on track and is not distracted from where it is headed.


To complete this survey it is helpful for you to understand the following terms (vision, goals and strategy) as they relate to the strategic planning process.

The organisations vision includes statements of what it is aiming to achieve.

The long term goals are statements that break the vision into achievable parts.

The short term goals are also statements of what the organisation intends to achieve, however they are usually also specific, measurable, attainable and time bound.

The strategies are the description of how the organisation is going to meet its goals, working toward achieving the overall vision.


As part of gaining input from our membership and evaluating the current Strategic Plan Scarlet Alliance has:

· Held an Executive Committee workshop reviewing the Strategic Plan;

· Developed a process for revision of the Strategic Plan including membership consultation;

· Requested input from our membership via an on-line survey;

· Analysing and collating all the input.

In the next few months we will be:

· Sending out a draft for comment;

· Finalising and releasing the new Strategic Plan.

Page last updated 22 December, 2017