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Organisational structure

Scarlet Alliance is an incorporated association made up entirely of past and current sex workers. We have staff members, a committee, members and working groups who advise on and implement our work serving the wider sex worker community. All converge at our annual National Forum.


Our board of directors, the Scarlet Alliance Committee, is made up of past and current sex workers who are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

The team is made up of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and two general members.

Scarlet Alliance also provides opportunities for sex workers who are new to governance, or who have skills and knowledge but lower capacity, to participate in the committee through observer roles called doubles. This is a unique structure designed to improve sex workers’ capacity to participate in Scarlet Alliance governance.

If you’re interested to get involved with the Scarlet Alliance Committee, you can learn more about the roles and how to put yourself forward for them here. To learn more about our current Committee members, check out Our people.


Our staff deliver our project and program work. Staffing levels vary with funding arrangements, and most of our staff work part-time. Here’s our organisational chart, showing the positions we currently have.


The Scarlet Alliance membership consists of member organisations (100% peer), associate member organisations (less than 100% peer), or individual members. All agree to uphold the objectives of Scarlet Alliance and abide by our constitution. You can learn more about the benefits and types of membership here.

Here’s a diagram of our current membership. You can find more information on our member organisations here.