What’s a peer organisation?

A sex worker peer organisation is an organisation run by sex workers, for sex workers. Sex worker peer organisations engage sex workers at every level, from membership to governance to staff and volunteers. All decisions are made by sex workers. 

Sex worker peer organisations can be funded or unfunded, and conduct a wide range of activities including peer education, sex worker community development, advocacy, representation, policy development, research, campaigning, health promotion and other service delivery, and more. They can also work formally or informally. Scarlet Alliance membership is open to sex worker organisations, projects, networks, and groups. This acknowledges that contributions to achieving sex worker rights can come in many forms and take place locally, on a state level, or nationally. View our member organisations here.

Sex worker peer organisations are central to the global sex worker rights movement and exist worldwide. For more information on the international landscape of sex worker rights organisations, visit the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP). Scarlet Alliance is a member of NSWP as well as our regional network, the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW)