A Guide to Best Practice: Occupational Health and Safety in the Australian Sex Industry 1999

Members of the OH&S Working Group were Sue Metzenrath, Sera Pinwill, Jenni Gamble, Maggie Moylan, Cheryl Mathews, Penelope Saunders, Gabby Skelsey, Felicity Lewis, Fiona Moran and Geoffrey Fysh. Compiled by David Edler, with thanks to Chris Ward and Tim Leach.

This reads as a manual, beginning with a glossary of terms and covering all aspects of working from booking the job to storage and handling of waste. This is a great guide for all workers. It is practical, easy to read and both an educational tool for the novice while being a reminder of good work practices to those who have worked before or are working. The role of Local government and government in the enforcement of OH&S standards is explained. The responsibility of management is covered in the context of general OH&S legal principles. For workers this should be like a bible. Researchers take note! Sex workers have and do implement best practice, and this document lays it out bare.