"Submission to Consumer Affairs Victoria" June 2009

Scarlet Alliance recommends the decriminalisation of all private sex work, removing requirements to register with
the Business Licensing Authority or lodge development approvals with their local council. Scarlet Alliance supports a
reduction in all licensing costs and increased ease of obtaining a license. Scarlet Alliance opposes the proposal to
turn the License document into a wallet-sized card with a photo. Scarlet Alliance opposes background checks on
licensees, proposing decriminalisation and removal of all background character checks relating to sex work in
Victoria. STI surveillance activity and excessive testing of sex workers in Victoria is stretching resources and creating barriers
to the delivery of adequate sexual health services for sex workers. Sex worker risks are perceived by regulation as
being higher than they practically are, including the requirement for sexual health certificates for sex workers who
are not engaging in penetrative sex. All testing laws and regulations should be decriminalised, and jurisdiction for
this responsibility should be handed to the Minister for Health.