Kane Matthews, Scarlet Alliance "The National Needs Assessment of sex workers who live with HIV" 2008

This report reflects our needs and issues. The development of this project occured
under the supervision and direction of Scarlet Alliance with the assistance of
social researcher Eva Cox, and the NAPWA advisory position. It was developed
and executed by and on behalf of the sex workers who live with HIV.
We understand our own lives best and how the world sees us. The needs and
issues reflected here all come from the people who courageously came forward,
identified themselves as HIV positive sex workers, told their stories and shared
their views. While views, needs and issues varied between people, there are
commonalities between us all.
We hope that the stakeholders and policy makers to whom this report is targeted
listen to us and take appropriate action to make change, especially where we
A key issue for all HIV positive sex workers is self protection. Protecting ourselves
from the hysteria and over-reaction of people who do not know our lives, who do
not understand what the situation is like and who only see the disease and the sex
work and not the human being.
In order for this protection to be maintained, we ask that others advocate for us,
and this report is what we are presenting in order for you all to advocate effectively. ISBN 978-0-646-49555-2