Scarlet Alliance, "Submission to IPaRT on the Regulation Review of local government compliance and enforcement in NSW"

This document highlights sex worker’s experience in dealing with local councils in NSW since decriminalisation. Local councils have been the regulators of sex industry businesses in New South Wales since sex work was decriminalised in 1995. Evidence shows that decriminalisation is the world-renowned, best practice model for sex work regulation, and that it has brought high rates of compliance, minimal opportunities for corruption, increased transparency and improved safety for sex workers.
Unfortunately, the majority of local councils have not implemented decriminalisation effectively. Evidence shows that the majority of local councils have not made consistent and fair decisions regarding sex industry businesses. This has resulted in unnecessary costs in the Land and Environment court, unnecessary regulatory burdens upon sex industry businesses, dangers for sex worker health and safety, and significant barriers to compliance.
However, it is important to recognise that other councils have effectively regulated the sex industry, demonstrating that it is possible. Key to effective regulation is an approach that does not attempt to prohibit the sex industry but to regulate sex industry businesses in the same way other businesses are regulated.