SSPAN QLD CMC Submission – Escort Jan 06

SSPAN details their response to the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s Interim Position Paper (2005) Should legal outcall prostitution services in Queensland be extended to licensed brothels and/or escort agencies?. In Section 1 they comment on the overall debate and rebut the argument for licensed brothels to conduct escorts. Section 2 outlays their response to all of the CMC model provisions and comment on how they will affect sex workers and whether they will be effective. "In conclusion, we refer to the underlying objectives of the Prostitution Act 1999 (Qld). It is some people’s view that a healthy society does not include legalized prostitution, however most Australians would agree that a healthy society is founded on a sound legislative framework which adopts non-discriminatory laws, fairness, a level playing field in business dealings, equal personal freedom to choose one’s workplace and autonomy. A healthy society requires laws which foster personal safety and discourage violence. To give effect to the notion of promoting safety it is strongly recommended that laws are changed to allow private workers greater personal safety."