Scarlet Alliance "Submission In Opposition to the Manukau City Council (Control of Street Prostitution) Bill and is support of the rights of Street Based Sex Workers" March 2006

Scarlet Alliance does not support the Manukau City Council (Control of Street Prostitution) Bill or any proposals to criminalise street based sex work; applauds the political strength and leadership shown by the New Zealand Parliament and the decriminalisation of all sex work, including street based sex work; urges all members of the New Zealand Parliament to maintain a focus on street based sex worker safety while solving current issues raised by non-sex working residents in relation to amenity impact; and recommends safe houses for street based sex workers as a win-win solution for sex workers and non-sex working residents in street sex work areas. Safe houses provide safety for sex workers, and also lower amenity impact in sex working areas by giving sex workers and clients a private and discreet location in which to meet and provide services.