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Sex Workers’ Rights: Time to Deliver! SEX WORKERS’ DEMONSTRATION at XVI AIDS Conference

Aug 20, 2006 | Media release, News

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 at 10 AM, The Stilletto Lounge Sex Workers’ Networking Zone in the Global Village, Toronto International AIDS Conference 2006

Sex workers from around the world will demonstrate for the recognition of their human rights and labour rights in order to fight HIV.

Claire Thiboutot, director of Stella, Montreal’s by-and-for sex worker groups says: “We are strong, proud and united in the struggle against HIV! We, sex workers, demand our human rights and workers’ rights in order to fight HIV.”

According to Awa Dambele of Danyana So, an association of 2000 sex workers in five cities in Mali : “Accept the rights of sex workers. Society must accept us. Women have a right to their work. We demand access to free condoms to protect our health. ”

Gabriela Leite of sex worker group Davida and the Brazilian Prostitutes’ Network adds : “We demand the recognition of our labour rights as sex workers and that sex work be decriminalized in all countries. ”

Thai sex worker group Empower says: “It’s not what we do…it’s how we do it. Safe, fair working conditions save lives. The power we share, the power we have! ”

—————————————————————————Contact for more information :Anna-Louise Crago, Communications coordinator Stella