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Concern Over New “Sex Slavery & Trafficking” Working Party

Sep 30, 2006 | Media release, News

A new cross-jurisdictional working party, consisting of a small number of "senior" representatives from the state, territory and commonwealth "Minister for Women" offices, will aim to ascertain the extent of sexual slavery and trafficking of women in Australia.

Scarlet Alliance supports policy development in this area that is evidence based, as to date that has not occurred.

Janelle Fawkes, Scarlet Alliance Manger, commented today:

"We are be concerned about relying on another working party that does not include in its terms of reference the need to consult with the sex worker communities and sex worker organisations in Australia. It is unlikely to produce evidence based outcomes without this consultation."

"A working party that is reliant on research will simply find there is no reliable research on the issue in Australia," Janelle Fawkes concluded.

For more information please access the law reform submissions of Scarlet Alliance, located in the Laws section of this website, link here.

Monday 2nd October 2006