Scarlet News:

National Sex Worker Conference Condemns Recent Amendments to WA Legislation

Oct 20, 2007 | Media release, News

"Current debate informed by myths and misinformation"

Media Conference: Thursday 25th October, 11am, Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie

Decriminalisation of the WA Sex Industry was demanded by sex workers in Kalgoorlie this week.

WA has had its third attempt at sex industry law reform this decade buoyed by strong support from a national sex workers gathering in Kalgoorlie. A public call for the WA Parliament to get over its wowserism and finish the job of granting sex workers rights and equal opportunity will be made loud and strong during the 3 day gathering.

The first ever regional conference for Australian sex workers and supporters expects a high number of participants, including sex workers. The three day conference, including a half day National Symposium, is bringing national attention onto the Goldfields town and the currently stymied debate in the WA Parliament.

"Decriminalisation of the sex industry began over a decade ago in New South Wales, it’s time for the other states to catch up" Janelle Fawkes, Scarlet Alliance CEO said today. "Western Australia today is putting off the inevitable and only prolonging uncertainty for those who work in the industry. The laws before the WA Parliament should not be amended and should be passed with the least interference from politicians who don’t have the expertise to be making laws for sex workers".

The Bill, developed in consultation with primary stakeholders including sex workers, sex industry business owners, health professionals and Local Government, is currently being torn apart by politicians with alternative agendas and little or no knowledge of sex industry practices.

"Long speeches in Parliament might make nightly news today, but does nothing to deliver appropriate regulation for sex workers" Janelle Fawkes asserted today. "The political grandstanding has to end. We just hope that this time hot air runs out before the political momentum for change does".