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“Western Australian Sex Workers and supporters demand Decriminalisation” Event 1pm 18 May 2013

May 16, 2013 | Media release, News

In a protest to be held outside Parliament House, Saturday May 18th at 1pm, Western Australian sex workers and their supporters are coming together to demand full decriminalisation of their work. "We want the same work rights and protections as everybody else" states local sex worker advocate Rebecca Davies.

Sex workers reject the 2011 Bill proposed by the Barnett government.

The licensing model proposed under the current Bill, or any variation short of full decriminalisation would:

  • Undermine sex workers health and safety
  • Exclude sex workers from labour rights/protections
  • Perpetuate stigma & increase risk for sex workers

The Barnett Government is aware that licensing is a high cost failure everywhere it has been implemented in Australia.

The Barnett Government needs to finally listen to the voices of sex workers and sex worker organisations, who are the key stakeholders in this discussion.

Speakers at this event include: